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A Torah In Memory of YYK

Join together to write a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll)
in memory of
Rabbi Yosef Y. Kazen ob"m
Founder of Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace

To participate, please indicate whether you would like a letter, word, etc. and the name/s. Please use Hebrew name/s wherever possible.

NOTE: In order to preserve you privacy and security, this form is being processed by a secure web site.

  1. All contributions are Tax-Deductible donations to RIAS who will send you the appropriate acknowledgment by postal mail.
  2. Internet Billing graciously provided by "Web Spread Creations", that is the name that will be referenced on your credit-card statements.
  3. For further information please call (216) 932-0291 or send postal  mail to:

    Semach Sedek
    RIAS Synagogue
    c/o Rabbi Z. Kazen
    1666 Glenmont Road
    Cleveland HTS, OH 44118

Please select one:

Letter - $18.00
Word - $50.00
Sentence - $100.00
Special Portion - $500.00
Sedra (Weekly Portion) - $1,000.00
First Name Mother's Name Last Name Selection 

 State/Province:Zip/Postal Code
Email Address:
Method of Payment:
Card Number:
Exp. Date:
Name as it appears on card (Only if different than above):

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