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PC Audio CDs
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 Suggestions of Mitzvahs Tribute - Yosef Y. Kazen 1954-1998

One of the last projects that Rabbi Yosef Y. Kazen o.b.m. began before his passing, was making available on CD all of the audio lectures that are currently available at, to make them more accessible while on the road, at work, at home etc. (anywhere you have a computer!)

We therefore take this opportunity to offer for the first time a series of CD's that can automatically play from any PC (computer) the current day's lesson (as well as any other day's lesson) whenever you put them in your computer's CD drive.

These CDs are currently available for ordering on line and will - G-d willing - be available in retail outlets within a few weeks.

$26Lessons in Tanya - 2 CDs
$36Rambam - Sefer-Hayad - 1 chapter per day & 3 chapters per day - 3 CDs
$18Daily Lessons of Rambam - Sefer-Hamitzvos
$18Basic Principles of Chabad Chassidus - includes the discourse Heichaltzu!
$18Lectures about Moshiach
$18The Chabad Heritage - Hundreds of Chassidic stories!
$72Full Set Includes all of the above CDs - *Special* (for a limited time)

 Suggestions of Mitzvahs Tribute - Yosef Y. Kazen 1954-1998

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